Microsoft XBOX

ActaLogic is a registered Microsoft XBOX developer. We are capable of producing games for XBOX 360 and XBOX ONE.

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Sony PlayStation

ActaLogic is a Sony Computer Entertainment partner. We are capable of producing games for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

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A classic Windows PC or a shiny new Mac - our main developement platorms.

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ActaLogic is a registered Nintendo game developer. We are capable of producing games for Nintendo Wii and Nintendo 3DS.

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The development of high quality video and computer games is our core business.


Game programming, tools, web services, client-server based apps and more.

3D Modeling

Models of buildings, props, landscapes and characters. Everything from low-poly to AAA quality.

Architectural Visualizations

Renderings and animations of different interior and exterior designs.


Real-time 3D animations, motion capture production and particle effects.


Simulators attempt to copy various real life activities for different purposes such as training, analysis, or prediction.

Military Simulations

Different types of simulations, from War Games to Analytical Models.

Casino Industry

High quality software for electronic gaming machines.


Illustrations, 2D and 3D graphics with optional animations used for visual advertising.